Our Wine Cellar

Great food deserves a great wine to accompany it, which is why we take our wine cellar just as seriously as our food.

Paparazzi Restaurant has a temperature controlled wine cellar that holds over 2000 bottles of premium wine. Our wine list consists of top quality,  local, national and international wines  - many available by the glass. All our wines are served in Reidel glassware which optimises the flavour of the wines and certain reds are decanted at the table.

There aren't too many restaurants where the chef is also a winemaker! Damien Messineo has been studying wine for over eight years and has two accredited distinctions. His passion for wine has made him somewhat of a collector of fine wine, including some top quality wines from excellent vintages which are available at Paparazzi.

Without doubt Paparazzi Restaurant has the best wine list in Mandurah!